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Our company is situated in Cluster 6 on Almog street no. 18 in

רוב מחירי הנכסים מחושבים לפי 4 שקל לדולר 4ILS = 1$
This was written about me in the newspaper.

Caesarea News magazine

A good year for the Estate Agents in Caesarea.

During the last two months ( July/August 2009), 14 deals selling
property/land went through. Most of these were cottages (du-
misphati'im) and even now the demand in great in Caesarea as it
is renowned as one of the most popular places to live in Israel.
Even now the demand for homes and land is high and the asking
prices are anticipated to keep going up. The question was put to
Mr Aichel, who owns the leading real estate company Caesarea
Homes if prosperity has come back to Caesare?. His answer
was a definite 'yes'. He has revealed that large numbers of villas
that have been sold in cluster 7,8,10 and 11 and have fetched
prices starting from 2.8 million shekels up to 3.3 million shekels.
He also told us about two homes that were purchased in cluster
13 which is the newly built cluster. Here prices fetched from 4.9
million shekels and more. Another villa sold for 5.2 in cluster 5.
Last year, during the same time only 3-4 properties were sold, so
the fact that the demand is up is quite unprecedented, reports Mr
Aichel, a leading real estate specialist in Caesarea.

Many of the cottages were sold to Israelis that were coming back
to Israel from the U.S. and also Europe. Therefore it could be
said that the rush in the property market in Caesarea is
demonstrating an end of the turbulent economical climate,
however, on the other hand, it may be due to Israelis returning to
Israel because of economic difficulties in other countries, adds
Mr Aichel.

Over past years people were looking for higher prices properties,
yet now there is a trend for purchasing the cottages too and our
office CAESAREA HOMES will be more than happy to show you
these homes, additionally, don't hesitate to allow us to sell your

Mr Aichel adds that you mustn't ignore the plain truth that there
definitely exists a big demand for these homes and people are
confident to purchase in Caesarea. It could be due to its beauty,
its magical charm, its great services and the unique way that this
thriving community has grown. Those who purchase here realize
that their investment will reap the rewards and they also have the
added satisfaction knowing that their property will appreciate, just
like it has always done over the years.

This was written about me in the newspaper.

Caesarea News Magazine/September 2009

The mere fact that you are reading this article means that you are
probably interested in renting or purchasing a property in
Caesarea. Whether it's a flat, villa or piece of land, this article can
help you and can enlighten you and address a few important
points before you buy your dream house in Caesarea.
My name is Israel Aichel, my company name is Caesarea
Homes and I have specialized in real estate in Caesarea for the
last 12 years. My experience, I hope, can help you in
understanding the difference clusters and areas before you
purchase your property in Caesarea. I invite you to join me on a
trip to discover the variety of neighbourhoods in this unique place
and realize the different price ranges from place to place and
location to location.

As you enter Caesarea from the southern part, it is very difficult
not to notice the sprawling green areas, green belt and rolling
dunes that overwhelm the whole area and of course the stunning
properties. Caesarea is a place that, over the last years, has
attracted many visitors to its beautiful beaches and its unique old
city which it is still today one of Israel's most guarded treasures.
The old city offers many gourmet restaurants and trendy coffee
shops. The combination of the private beaches, antiquities and
eateries gives this whole area a magical feeling as history meets
modern day.

Not far from this magical port is situated a complex called Neot
Golf. This complex is a fully guarded complex which has 2 huge
indoor swimming pools, mini golf, gyms, tennis courts and
squash courts. In fact the whole area is surrounded by beautiful
green areas, playing areas for children and even bbq areas of
those to enjoy. Neot Golf includes popular apartments and also
beautiful cottages which face the sea. The sizes of these
apartments are between 50-60 meters, some of them have
stunning sea-views and a balcony and the asking price starts
from 780.000 shekels, depending on the location and the view.
There is also the possibility of joining two flats in order to expand
the living accommodation to create a spacious and luxurious
living area. For those of you who prefer to have a garden, there
are some cottages for sale. These are approximately 120 square
meters and consist of three bedrooms and an open space
kitchen, living room, balcony and a garden. These cottages sell
for between 2.6-3.2 million shekels. The service charge is
approximately 1000 shekels per month. For those coming from
abroad, the prices can vary depending on the strength of the
Israeli shekel.

The south side of Caesarea.

This area is where Neot Golf is located and also cluster 11, 9 and
13(the Golf cluster). Cluster 13, (Golf cluster) is the new cluster
where all the villas and the villas for sale are brand new and up
to date. All of them are being built with the latest technology and
design. The villas there are probably the most exclusive and
stunning properties at present on the market in Israel. Some of
these luxurious villas, of which some of them are villas for sale,
are located first line to the newly furbished Golf course in
Caesarea. The prices of these villas for sale are determined in
relation to their location, the size of the plot, the quality and the
built areas. Some of these villas for sale are located third, second
and first line to the golf and some of them are even bordering on
green belt which give these properties for sale an added value
due to their magnificent location and stunning views. In fact
some of these properties even have the most breathtaking sea
views. The prices of these outstanding properties villas for sale
in cluster 13 can reach up to 7 million dollars, however the actual
prices for a villa for sale in cluster 13, where the size of land is
600 square meters and the built area is approximately 300
square meters, the prices range from 5.2 million shekels up to
approximately 6 million shekels. The majority, if not all the villas
for sale, have a swimming pool as well as beautiful gardens.
However, for those potential customers, where 600 square
meters is not large enough of a plot, there are some villas and
homes for sale which are built on 800 square meters and over.
There are also properties for sale which are built on a plot of one
dunam and their prices start from around 2 million U.S. dollars
and upwards, some, as I mentioned before, also have stunning
sea views. The villas for sale, which are set on first line to the
golf, have the most outstanding and uninterrupted views of the
newly refurbished golf course in Caesarea. These villas for sale
are truly unique properties due to the fact that only a selected few
of these properties have the privilege of not having any
neighbours to the back of the villas and they can enjoy the tranquil
views all year round which change on a daily basis. The prices of
these particular villas begin at 4 million U.S. dollars and can
reach 8 million U.S dollars. In fact there are some villas for sale
in the neighbouring clusters, 11 and 9, that are for sale, starting
at a price of 2,700.000 U.S dollars.

Cluster 9 and 11

This brings us to cluster 9 and 11 which also border around the
golf course. Many of these properties and villas for sale are
featured on my site . Those luxurious properties, of which some
of them are for sale, are located first line to the golf course, their
prices range from 2.900,000 U.S. dollars up to 4.5,00.000 U.S.
dollars and beyond. Most of these villas that are for sale have
land the size of 1.25 dunam and over. The views to the golf from
these properties villas are breathtaking and of course these
properties which have a larger amount of land, their value is
reflected in the asking price. As I have mentioned, some of these
properties have a magnificent view to the golf, but also the lucky
few have a sea view, which is a great bonus. On the east side of
cluster 9 there are many homes for sale which have a sea view
too. Cluster 11 is located between Neot Golf to the west, and the
new cluster 13 on the east side. In cluster 11 we have on offer
cottages and villas for sale. There are a few cottages for sale
which are very impressive, the majority with swimming pools
where the land size is approximately 500 square meters and the
built area is approximately 300 square meters. Their prices
range from 2.9,00,000 shekels up to 4,000.000 shekels. Some
of these villas are new properties and some of them are older
and need a touch up or modernizing. Of course, that is reflected
in the prices.

The center of Caesarea. (cluster 3)

This part of Caesarea is the heart of this luxurious community. All
the important public amenities are found here like for example,
the country club, school, synagogue, tennis courts, local shops,
supermarket and café, not forgetting the bank and post office.
Each morning you will find this area a hub of activity as the locals
drink their coffee and catch up with each other before they start
their day. It is indeed a social place full of atmosphere. In this
cluster one can find cottages and some villas for sale, in fact this
cluster can suit a range of pockets, from flats (apartments) and
cottages starting at 2 million shekels. Due to the unique location
of this cluster, which borders on green belt and the dunes and
the aquaduct beach, some of the views which can be seen from
some of the villas are truly stunning. There are some cottages
which are for sale, some of them have having the view which I
have just described, and their prices start from around 700.000
dollars and upwards. The walking distance from this cluster to
the beach is approximately 10 minutes and this is a real plus for
this area. It is also a cluster that is full of young families with
young children taking advantage of the numerous amounts of
activities held at the local community centre. If you do have
children the plus of this cluster is that it is adjacent to the school.

Cluster 2
Villas for sale
Cluster 2 is known for its proximity to the local aquaduct beach.
The properties and villas here are also some of the finest
properties in Caesarea and even in the whole country . Their
prices of The villas for sale range from approximately 3 million
dollars, up to 8 and beyond, but there is always an option to buy a
new house and do it up, as many have done in the last few years,
reaping the benefits. One can still find first line to the beach
properties for sale that need to be refurbished for around 3
million dollars. If you are looking to buy an old house and to do it
up in clusters 4,5,6 and ten and you prefer to be close to the
beach and the centre of Caesarea, our office can offer you a few
properties for sale . However, if doing up homes is not your thing,
then my office, Caesarea homes, can offer you a selection of
homes that have already been refurbished from prices starting
from 1.4 million dollars up to 8 million dollars and beyond. The
rule is always the same, the closer one gets to the beach front,
the price of the villas for sale goes up. Of course the prices are
governed by the size of the property and the quality of the finish
and their proximity to the beach. My office can offer you a vast
selection of land for sale, villas for sale, homes for sale and
luxurious properties for sale in these clusters.

Cluster 7

Even though cluster 7 is not located first line to the beach,
because of its topographical location, some of the properties
have the most magnificent sea view that one can imagine, and
some of the properties also have the view of the Carmel
Mountains to the east. In cluster 7 one can find, apart from villas
for sale, cottages for sale where the prices of these cottages for
sale are the same as in cluster 11. The villas for sale in this
cluster on one dunam of land start from approximately 2.5 million
dollars, where the majority of them have well maintained gardens
and swimming pools and villas for sale, with sea view, start from
approximately 2.5 million dollars.

Cluster 10

The north/north-west of cluster 7 is cluster 10, which is the
northern part of Caesarea. Part of this cluster was designated for
army personnel. My office CAESAREA HOMES can offer you in
this cluster cottages, which are built on 500-800 square meters
of land with built areas between 250-350 square meters. These
prices are the same as in cluster 7 and 11, depending on its
location and the finished quality if the house (villas ). First line
properties for sale on the beach line start from around 4 million
U.S. dollars.

Caesarea is known for its magnificent open green areas,
beautiful nature reserves and sprawling dunes, which are
superbly looked after and maintained throughout the year by the
Caesarea Development Company which is constantly renewing,
refreshing and thinking up new ways to develop and improve this
unique part of Israel. There are many question that I have been
asked as to which is the best location in Caesarea and I have
always replied, that it depends on your budget and whether you
want to wake up in the morning overlooking the golf course or the
breathtaking views of the sea. However, no matter where you
choose to live, Caesarea is truly a magical place to live and the
quality of life is unique to Israel. From my experience, many
families from Israel and abroad who have chosen to live here are
smitten with its charm and high standard of living and once
settled here, never want to leave.

My office can make your dream come true, so if you are
interested I would be more than delighted to show you around
this special place. I have the largest selection of luxurious
properties for sale, villas , Homes and cottages for rent and sale,
land for sale, Villas For Sale and Homes for sale in
Caesarea. Thank you for taking the time to read this article which
was written September/october 2009.


What catches the eye when driving through Caesarea is its
exquisiteness, its natural beauty, its stunning location and its
wide range of superb properties? One can only admire the
incredible vision of Baron de Rothschild, who bought land in
Caesarea so many years ago in order to realize his dream of
making it a small paradise. At the same time it is easy to
comprehend why kings and emperors fought so fiercely for this
piece of land!

The charm of this area is undoubtedly the old fishing port which
is full of antiquities and ruins, a constant source of wonder to all
those who visit here. In fact, it has recently been renovated and
updated and now includes fine eateries, trendy cafés as well as
a state of the art museum, celebrating the evolution of this area.
The small intimate private beach in the port is probably the most
beautiful in the country and adjoined to it is the famous diving
centre, which is constantly working on projects, digging up
historical treasures which delight the sunbathers! But we hasten
to add that bordering the whole of this area are stunning golden
beaches; in fact you are spoilt for choice when it comes to

The area is also a great setting for all the music festivals and
cultural events that are held here throughout the year, which are
real family treats and cater to everyone. However, the real bonus
about this place is that it is void of hoards of tourists often found
in Tel Aviv and remains truly a gem and a well kept secret which
the local residents treasure.

Despite the apparent tranquility of the place, don't be deceived,
Caesarea is a vibrant and growing community. There are new
schools, kindergartens, parks and community centers, which
include a wide range of social and cultural activities for all ages.
Golf lovers can also show off

on the 18 whole golf course, set in beautiful scenic views. It also
includes a gourmet restaurant. Additionally, the local synagogue
is an extremely

welcoming place to spend the Shabbat and holidays. The Rabbi
and his family are incredibly charming and the warm atmosphere
that they have created has given the synagogue a wonderful
name and is now known for its warm atmosphere and very
tolerant congregation.

The high standard of living in Caesarea has attracted a high
class of people who enjoy the perks of living in such a
prestigious gated community. Due to this attention to quality, the
area has attracted a very discerning buyer from both home and
abroad. Added to this, is its prime location, being midway
between Tel Aviv and Haifa – the country's two main economic
centers, as well as being next door to one of the most modern
industrial parks in the Israel. Even this area is full of trendy bars
and boasts a wide selection of great restaurants.

The range of prices has made Caesarea extremely affordable for
all kinds of pockets! For those seeking a holiday apartment
prices start from $200.000 and these apartments for sale in
caesarea include great
facilities such as swimming pools, gym and community center.
Cottages for sale in caesara are available starting at $450.000
and prices for two-
family houses(du mishpahti) homes for sale in caesarea range
from $750.000 to $990.00.
Luxury villas for sale in caesarea are
set on plots of one or more dunams and command prices
starting at $1.5 million to $10 million. Most of these homes for
sale have
magnificent sea views and are built to the highest

standard. In fact the architecture in Caesarea is renowned
throughout Israel. Additionally, most of these properties for sale
in caesarea are
approximately 15 minutes walk to the ocean.

The management of Caesarea Homes does its upmost to make
sure that the information that we supply our customers is
accuarate. All the information that is given to us is provided by
those that own the property or those that are authorized to handle
the sale or rental of the property. We recommend to our
customers to inspect the prospective property before purchasing
or renting it and to carry out all the necessary legal, title, and
planning inspections. Also to check that the information given by
us is correct. We do not recommend buying or renting of a
property. If there is any inaccurate information please let us
know. We apologize for any wrong infomation.
All information is subject to change without notice.

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    I´d like to introduce myself.  My name is Israel Aichel and I´m proud to say that I represent some of the most stunning properties for sale in Caesarea. The name of my company is Caesarea Homes and I specialize in properties for sale and rent in Caesarea.   I´ve been in the real estate business for 20 years, 8 of which were in England dealing primarily with commercial properties in London.  Since coming to Israel 12 years ago, I´ve been working as a real estate agent and I have to say that the area of Caesarea has to be one of the most outstanding location in the whole of Israel. The land for sale and properties on the market are truly magnificent and are reaching unprecedented prices due to the prime location in which they stand.

    The area Caesarea is, without doubt, a true gem and this is the reason why the market has remained buoyant and prices continue to rise. Even in this fragile climate which  we find ourselves in, Caesarea real estate is still attracting buyers year after year.  The area has a rare charm and sophistication and has a European feel to it, which is why it continues to attract a very discerning client from all over the world.  The quality of life in Caesarea is matched by any prime location in the world, with luxury homes for sale that have been built to the highest possible standard and include sea views to die for and include every conceivable luxury, making a truly dream home.  The area itself exudes a holiday feel, surrounded by some of the most stunning beaches, rolling dunes and an ancient city full of coffee shops and eateries give this area a vibrant feel to it, attracting those who really know how to enjoy life.

    My experience and knowledge of this area, as well as my love for it, has helped me to become one of the leading agents in Caesarea, building up clients worldwide and being involved in the most exciting deals from a whole spectrum of land, villas and homes for sale, both big and small. I´ve had the privilege to do business with the most interesting people, many of which are returning Israelis who wish for a high quality of life that they have experienced abroad and that they find here in Caesarea.  My belief of giving my customer the utmost service, never comprising on trust and giving complete integrity to my customers, has helped me to earn my name in the area. Additionally, having lived in Europe for 20 and the U.S for 10 years has helped me to understand the European way, which is so vital when negotiating here. 

    I would be more than happy to assist you in your quest to find your dream home and would welcome any queries you may have regarding any homes for sale in Caesarea and I can promise you that once you make the move to live in this magical place, you will never look back.

    My company Caesarea Homes probably has the largest selection of land for sale, villas for sale and rent, both on the newly built Caesarea golf course, properties which are first line to the beach and small apartments.  No deal is too small and I have something for all pockets.  I would be happy to assist you in your search for your dream home.

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