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APRIL 20 2011-- Themarker / (HAARETZ daily newspaper

There has been a 25% increase in prices of plots in Caesarea
in 2010.
This was reported from the Caesarea Development Corporation
CEO; saying that prices of the plots in the neighborhood were
selling with prices ranging from 2.5 million for 600 square
What is planned in the market in the real estate of Caesarea in
2011? According to the Caesarea Development Corporation
CEO, Michael Kersenti, the Company intends to continue to sell
plots on the golf, which includes close to 380 plots, additionally,
240 of them have already been populated . There are now only
about fifty plots remaining for sale, which the company is holding.
The income from the plots are transferred to the Caesarea
Rothschild Foundation which, since its establishment,
contributed more than 300 million shekels to institutions and
organizations in the fields of education.
"During the coming year the company will sell 20 plots in the Golf
area of 600 square meters, says Kersenti, "The prices will start
2.5 million shekels on the eastern side, and reach up to 5.2
million shekels for plots that are located near the golf course
and lakes ". He said, another 17 similar plots will be sold in-
2012. Kersenti says that the company will leave 11 plots to its
ownership, with it he defines premium plots on the area of one
dunams of land that are located on the golf course close to the
lakes. "We believe that for these plots there is no price", says
Kersenti . "This market of plots is running out, and therefore the
market value of the plots that remain become more rare, and
prices rise each year".
According to Kersenti, in 2010, the Caesarea Development
Corporation sold 22 plots, and the price rose during this year by
25% due to demand we have seen. He said, prices now range
between, plots for 2.5 million shekels for an area of 600 square
meters and up to more than 10 million shekels for a plot of 1
From an analysis of transactions that were made in 2010, which
the company relies in determining the prices of pots it offers for
sale, there is an increase of 42% in the second-hand deals in
Caesarea than 2009 - while in 2009 there were 36 transactions
made in 2010, there were 51 deals carried out. For example, a
house of 580 square meters on a plot of eight dunams in cluster
8 sold to a foreign resident from Russia for -11.45 million
shekels. In another deal a house, 270 sq meters built on a plot of
1.3 acres in cluster 4, was sold for 10.6 million shekels. Second-
hand houses on plots of 600-800 square meters all around
Caesarea were sold for sums from 4 to 5.5 million shekels.
According to ISRAEL AICHEL from the real estate
company CAESAREA HOMES, who is an EXPERT IN
CAESAREA REAL ESTATE says that, the semi detached house
market is very
popular in the community today. Houses of 200-220 square
meteres built, on plots of about half a dunam of land, some of
them with swimming pools, are sold for prices of 3.4 -2.7 million
shekels". According to MR AICHEL the owner of CAESAREA
HOMES, who is an EXPERT IN
CAESAREA REAL ESTATE , some 75% purchasers come
from outside the community, Haifa, Tel Aviv Jerusalem as well as
many Israelis returning abroad. "If in the past 70% of demands
were by the foreign residents and the rest by the Israelis, today it
is opposite, says Israel Aichel.
In 2010, 20 semi-detached houses have been sold in various
clusters, mainly to younger population, that contributed in
lowering the average age. There are currently 1,300
children in the community,1500 families and 4,500 residents.
Kersenti adds that during 2010 they received a permit to carry out
Infrastructure works to establish a cluster 12, in the southern part
of Caesarea. The future neighborhood includes 240 plots of 600
square meters, which the company holds. For many years, the
plots didnt belong to any local authority, and only recently it was
decided that the plots belong to Carmel Beach board.

APRIL 20 2011 THE MARKER (Haaretz daily newspapr


This was written about me in the newspaper.

Caesarea News magazine

A good year for the Real Estate Agents in Caesarea.

During the last two months ( July/August 2009), 14 deals selling
property/land went through. Most of these were cottages (du-
misphati'im) and even now the demand in great in Caesarea as
is renowned as one of the most popular places to live in Israel.
Even now the demand for homes( real estate ) and land is high
and the asking
prices are anticipated to keep going up. The question was put to
Mr Aichel, who owns the leading real estate company CAESAREA
HOMES if prosperity has come back to Caesare?. His answer
was a definite 'yes'. He has revealed that large numbers of villas
that have been sold in cluster 7,8,10 and 11 and have fetched
prices starting from 2.8 million shekels up to 3.3 million
He also told us about two homes that were purchased in cluster
13 which is the newly built cluster. Here prices fetched from 4.9
million shekels and more. Another villa sold for 5.2 in cluster 5.
Last year, during the same time only 3-4 properties were sold, so
the fact that the demand is up is quite unprecedented, reports Mr
Aichel, a leading real estate specialist in Caesarea.

Many of the cottages were sold to Israelis that were coming back
to Israel from the U.S. and also Europe. Therefore it could be
said that the rush in the(real estate) property market in Caesarea
demonstrating an end of the turbulent economical climate,
however, on the other hand, it may be due to Israelis returning to
Israel because of economic difficulties in other countries, adds
Mr Aichel.

Over past years people were looking for higher prices( real
estate ) properties,
yet now there is a trend for purchasing the cottages too and our
office CAESAREA HOMES will be more than happy to show you
these homes, additionally, don't hesitate to allow us to sell your

Mr Aichel adds that you mustn't ignore the plain truth that there
definitely exists a big demand for these homes and people are
confident to purchase in Caesarea. It could be due to its beauty,
its magical charm, its great services and the unique way that this
thriving community has grown. Those who purchase( real
estate ) here realize
that their investment will reap the rewards and they also have the
added satisfaction knowing that their property will appreciate, just
like it has always done over the years.

This was written about me in the newspaper.

Caesarea News Magazine/September 2009


It is clear that the owner, Israel Aichel & "Caesarea Homes", love
what they do and have both been able to bring a wealth of
professional experience to their business "Caesarea Homes".

Israel Aichel has a wide experience in the global real estate
business after working in real estate in London for 30 years. This
has enabled him to build up a very impressive portfolio of clients
and additonally helped him to understand the Anglo-Saxon way
of doing business in the real estate market. Since there is a
large English and French speaking population in Caesarea, this
has definitely been a real asset to the business.

From 1997, Israel has certainly earned his name of being the
leading real estate agency in the area that solely specializes in
Caesarea and the surrounding areas. He is known for his
genuine concern for his clients and his honesty. His work ethics
earned him his first prize for joint best salesman in his previous
positions at the largest worldwide real estate company for three
years in a row.

His contacts and reputation over the years have brought them
customers from all over Israel and they have now branched out,
dealing with many exciting new projects happening in Israel
today, including commercial ventures, such as: gas stations,
office buildings and shopping centers. They simply want the best
for their clients and, without a doubt, customers know that Israel
will do whatever it takes to make a fair and honest deal and
deliver. Their past record is a proof of their hard work and

Our office has the largest selection of villas, houses, apartments,
cottages and lands / plots for sale and rent in the area of
Caesarea and its surroundings. The owner of the company,
Israel Aichel, has a vast experience and years of specializing in
real estate and possesses a license no. 04885 from The
Department of Justice to work in the field. Since 1997, he has
been working solely and specializing in selling houses, villas,
apartments and real estate in general in the exclusive
neighborhood of Caesarea and the surrounding areas.

Our office specializes in the following areas :

* Villas in Caesarea - Exclusive Villas in Caesarea - Real Estate
in Caesarea
* Houses in Caesarea - Houses for Sale in Caesarea - Real
Estate in Keysaria
* Lands / Plots for Sale in Caesarea - Land in Exclusive
Neighborhood in Caesarea
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Sale in Caesarea - Real Estate
* Villa in Caesarea - Caesarea Villas with Sea View - Real Estate
* Properties in Caesarea - Buying a house in Caesarea - Buying
a Villa in Caesarea
* Holiday Villas in Caesarea - Summer Rentals in Caesarea -
Short Term Rentals in Caesarea - Short Term rentals in
* Apartments for rent / sale in Neot Golf - Holiday Rentals in
Caesarea - Holiday Rentals in Neot Golf Caesarea
* Villas for Rent First Line to the Beach in Caesarea - Villas 5
bedrooms with Sea View for Rent

Upon contacting us, you will benefit from many years of
experience, complete discretion and loyalty.
Our company is situated in Cluster 6 on Almog street no. 18 in

What catches the eye when driving through Caesarea is its
exquisiteness, its natural beauty, its stunning location and its
wide range of superb properties. One can only admire the
incredible vision of Baron de Rothschild, who bought land in
Caesarea so many years ago in order to realize his dream of
making it a small paradise. At the same time it is easy to
comprehend why kings and emperors fought so fiercely for this
piece of land!

The charm of this area is undoubtedly the old fishing port, which
is full of antiquities and ruins, a constant source of wonder to all
those who visit here. In fact, it has recently been renovated and
updated and now includes fine eateries, trendy cafés as well as
a state of the art museum, celebrating the evolution of this area.
The small intimate private beach in the port is probably the most
beautiful in the country and adjoined to it is the famous diving
centre, which is constantly working on projects, digging up
historical treasures which delight the sunbathers! There are also
numerous restaurants in the old port, including a kosher
restaurant. But we hasten to add that bordering the whole of this
area are stunning golden beaches; in fact you are spoilt for
choice when it comes to sunbathing!

The area is also a great setting for all the music festivals,
showss and cultural events that are held here throughout the
year, which are real family treats and cater to everyone. However,
the real bonus about this place is that it is void of hoards of
tourists often found in Tel Aviv and remains truly a gem and a
kept secret which the local residents treasure.

Despite the apparent tranquility of the place, don't be deceived,
Caesarea is a vibrant and growing community. There are new
schools, kindergartens, parks and community centers, which
include a wide range of social and cultural activities for all ages.
Golf lovers can also show off in the new golf course that was fully
renovated and redesigned to international standards by Pete
the most famous golf course designer in the world.

On the 18-hole golf course, set in beautiful scenic views, there is
also a gourmet restaurant. Additionally, the local synagogue
is an extremely welcoming place to spend the Shabbat and
holidays. The Rabbi and his family are incredibly charming and
the warm atmosphere that they have created has given the
synagogue a wonderful name and is now known for its warm
atmosphere and very tolerant congregation.

The high standard of living in Caesarea has attracted a high
class of people who enjoy the perks of living in such a
prestigious gated community. Due to this attention to quality, the
area has attracted a very discerning buyer from both home and
abroad. Added to this, is its prime location, being midway
between Tel Aviv and Haifa the country's two main economic
centers, as well as being next door to one of the most modern
industrial parks in the country. Even this area is full of trendy bars
and boasts a wide selection of great restaurants.

The range of prices has made Caesarea extremely affordable for
all kinds of pockets! For those seeking a holiday apartment,
prices start from $180.000 and these apartments include great
facilities, such as: swimming pools, gym and community center.
Cottages are available starting at $450.000 and prices for semi-
detached houses range from $750.000 to $990.000. Luxury villas
are set on plots of one or more dunams and command prices
starting at $1.5 million to $10 million and beyond. Most of these
homes have magnificent sea and golf views and are built to the
highest standard. In fact, the architecture in Caesarea is
renowned throughout Israel. Additionally, most of these
properties are approximately 15 minutes walk to the sea.

**** *********** ************ *************

The management of Caesarea Homes does its upmost to make
sure that the information that we supply our customers is
accuarate. All the information that is given to us is provided by
those that own the property or those that are authorized to handle
the sale or rental of the property. We recommend to our
customers to inspect the prospective property before purchasing
or renting it and to carry out all the necessary legal, title, and
planning inspections. Also to check that the information given by
us is correct. We do not recommend buying or renting of a
property. If there is any inaccurate information please let us
know. We apologize for any wrong infomation.
All information is subject to change without notice.

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