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Villa/Sea-view estate
         Ref no: 113
Property for:  Sale
     Location: Coastal Area
          Price: $ 5500000
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Description:   A magnificent spanish style real estate(property) which is set in 4.85 dunam of land of which half are orchards which are full of unusual fruit trees. There are also 2.5 dunams of tropical gardens which lead to a magnificent swimming pool and jacuzzi, overlooking the tens of dunams of uninhabited farmland. There are four main bedrooms plus three separate units. Magnificent sea-views from all the bedrooms, kitchen and balconies take your breath away. A private road leads to its own impressive carriage drive.The estate is situated within a very short walking distance to a magnificent secluded beach.
Miscelanos:   The truth about what’s really happening with real estate and land in Caesarea – August 2009 Real estate( and land) in Caesarea is a top priority for investors from abroad and from Israel. Recently many deals have been made and just this fact proves just how attractive buying property ( real estate and land )is in Caesarea. In other words, buying a home( REAL ESTATE ) in this stunning area is not just for those who wish to buy their 'dream home', but a great and safe investment for the long run. The surge in aliyah and prospective clients worldwide, has helped to increase this market and there is excitement in the market which can be seen by the many deals that have been closed in recent months. Our company 'Caesarea-homes' is proud to reveal that a villa on 1.25 dunam, first line to the beach, and extremely well designed home, was sold 4 million dollars and another villa was also sold in the same area for 3.7 million dollars. Both of these very attractive (real estate ) villas were sold very close to the asking price. Our real estate office, which specializes in real estate(and land) in Caesarea, has still a few of these attractive homes for sale, first line to the beach, at similar prices. Not only are the villas in Caesarea the centre of attention, but also the semi detached homes have been snapped up. In the last few months a high number of these homes have been sold in clusters 7, 10 and 11. The demand for these family villas ( real estate )has risen greatly. Naturally, it depends on the finish of the home and the location. The prices range from 3 -3.4 million shekels and these homes are selling at a very fast rate, suiting a wider range of pockets. Additionally, the Golf cluster 13 has seen a huge interest and a few have been sold at the asking price. As you can see, there is a huge interest and demand for these homes and(land) real estate in Israel as a whole, which keeps growing despite the collapse of the real estate market in the western world. We are aware of a gradual and steady increase of the number of deals being made and the fact that the prices being asked have also risen. Also, the Development of Caesarea Organization has revealed that after a few months of frozen deals, due to uncertainty in the financial markets, the pace has begun to pick up substantially and there have been quite a few plots(land) that have been sold. There have been quite a few pieces of land of 600 square meters sold, as well as one dunam+ of land purchased and one piece of land for sale in caesarea , first line to the golf ( the newly redeveloped golf course and area), was purchased at 7 million shekels. This is an extremely attractive and unprecedented price that was achieved. Our office has recently received a lot of enquiries from potential buyers from both home and abroad and especially from returning Israeli families. The main enquiries are for homes for rent and villas for sales in Caesarea. From my experience over the last twelve years, specializing in real estate in Caesarea, the summer months and the holiday periods are the busiest period of the year for international buyers and that will only continue to fuel the pace of sales and probably will reflect on the house prices in the near future. Our office ‘Caesarea Homes’ has a large selection of ( real estate )homes land for sale and villas for sale in Caesarea. We have the property that you are looking for. It is not only a coincidence that this is the slogan of our company because we have the reputation, the experience and the ‘know how’, in order to assist you to find your dream home in Caesarea and to achieve the best deal possible. If you decide to buy or to sell, I invite you to browse through our internet sites, one which is, and . Here you will be able to see a selection of some of the properties that are offered for sale and for rent, such as villas for sale in Caesarea, homes for sale in Caesarea and real estate in Caesarea. If you are looking for rentals, you will find a selection for villas for rent in Caesarea and homes for rent in Caesarea. All that you have to do is call and make an appointment and I will be more than happy to show you the treasures of Caesarea
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