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villa in caesarea
         Ref no: 275
Property for:  Sale
     Location: Caesarea
        BedRooms: 6+
          Level: 3+
         Street: ILS31000000
          Price: $ 7900000
      Square: כ2450/750
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Description:   Villa For Sale In Caesarea. A once in a life time opportunity to purchase(2.450sqm land-750sqm-built) one of the most outstanding villas for sale in Caesarea (and probably in Israel).the villa Located in the most sought after street and cluster and just a stone's through away from the blue mediterranean sea and built to accommodate the stunning views from the villa of the Roman acquaduct and the surrounding beaches. This magnificant villa for sale in caesarea offers 6 bedrooms, most of them with en-suite, a large and well equipped kitchen, a movie theatre, a large wooden fireplace, large indoor parking facilities for up to 9 cars, a larger than usual swimming pool/jacuzzi, an elevator that connects between all the floors The larger-master bedroom is situated on the second floor and offers a larger-than-usual unsuite, which is connected to a very large patio, from which one can see the sea/Roman acquaduct and enjoy the most magnificent sunsets of the mediterranean and the most stunning gardens that include an orchard. The villa is built to an extremely high standard throughout and very tastefully decorated *** must be seen to be appreciated **THIS HOUSE WAS TAKEN OF THE MARKET DEC/2009 !
Miscelanos:    **THIS HOUSE WAS TAKEN OF THE MARKET DEC/2009 !!__***_____***_____*** ######SOLD#####SOLD#### The sea-view from this villa for sale is visible from all parts of the garden. Highly recommeded to be viewed as villa for sale like this do not appear for sale very frequently. Only serious buyers are invited ========================= Cluster 2 is known for its proximity to the local aquaduct beach. The properties (Villas and Homes for sale) here are also some of the finest properties( real estate ) in Caesarea and even in the whole country. Their prices range from approximately 3 million dollars, up to 8 and beyond, but there is always an option to buy a new house villa and do it up, as many have done in the last few years, reaping the benefits. One can still find real estate first line to the beach properties (Villas ) for sale that need to be refurbished for around 3 million dollars. If you are looking to buy an old house Villa and to do it up in clusters 4,5,6 and ten and you prefer to be close to the beach and the centre of Caesarea, our office can offer you a few properties Villas Homes for sale( real estate ) . However, if doing up homes villa is not your thing, then my office, Caesarea homes, can offer you a selection of homes villas that have already been refurbished from prices starting from 1.4 million dollars up to 8 million dollars and beyond. The rule is always the same, the closer one gets to the beach front, the price of the( real estate ) villas for sale goes up. Of course the prices are governed by the size of the property villa and the quality of the finish and their proximity to the beach. My office can offer you a vast selection of real estate land for sale, villas for sale, homes for sale and luxurious properties for sale in these clusters. ========================= IT WAS RECENTLY REPORTED IN THE TABLOIDS that one of the most outstanding properties in Caesarea and even in Israel was sold for a price quoted to be near $7000.000. In fact this villa was chosen out of all the villas that were available in Caesarea by the directors of the world known television program that is featured on channel 10. The property sold was situated in cluster 2 and it had one of the most outstanding and breathtaking sea-views one could wish for. The size of the plot was 2.45 dunams and the villa, which was built to extra ordinary standard, was 750 square meter built and it had 6 bedrooms and the most outstanding swimming pool and jacuzzi, a cinema facility, a gym, a carpark serving 6 cars and the most stunning master bedroom which overlooked the ancient aquaduct and the private beaches of Caesara as well as an orchard. I forgot to mention, there was also a lift which connected the floors and the different levels of this villa. For those who do not know, cluster 2 was the home of our late President Weitzman, who lived across from this magnificent villa. Cluster 2 is also the home of the Baroness De Rothchild as well as many other influential and well known people. The mere fact that this magnificent house was bought for this price, reflects the view that buying property in Caesarea is a good investment and that people believe in the future. As I reported, a couple of months ago, that there were approximately 20 real estate deals signed and completed over the months of July/August/September, also teaches us that people from abroad and from Israel alike believe that investing in real estate in Caesarea is a good investment. Judging from the fact that 10 years ago a dunam of land, first line to the beach was selling for approximately $900.000 and today, 10 years later for the same piece of land, prices being achieved are now 3 .5 million dollars and up to 4 million dollars. Not a bad investment! My company Caesarea Homes has probably the largest selection of homes for sale, villas for sale and land for sale in Caesarea and I have specialized in real estate for sale and rent in Caesarea for the last 12 years. My wealth of experience and stock of properties for sale can be of benefit to you and let me come and make your dream come true to help you find your dream home in Caesarea. thank you for taking the time to read my article that was written in JanuaryFebruary 2010

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